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IntelSeek  Read the Submission Policy and complete the required forms.  Submit

InfoTiger  All they require is a URL and your email address.  Submit

Jayde.com  Complete the Administrative, Company and Site information and review the terms.  Submit

KaZaZZ!  Free submissions are possible but they will check other search engines for listings.  Submit

Librarians Index  Suggest a site by completing the form and pressing the Submit button.  Submit

MavicaNET  Go to the bottom of the page and use the "Add Site" to activate the submission form.  Submit

MixCat  Follow - Enter a URL and e-mail address and your site will be added to the database.  Submit

mozDex  Submit one page per site and the search engine will do the rest.  Submit

Nerdworld  Select a category, complete the forms and if possible put a link on your front page.  Submit

Open Directory  Carefully read the instructions on how to add a site to Open Dictionary.  Submit

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