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Phantis  They offer a free basic listing which requires a URL, e-mail and your name.  Submit

Please Retrieve  Smooth submission process, complete the form and press "Add Record".  Submit

PrimeFind  Select a category, include an e-mail and an URL and press "Add URL".  Submit

PrimeTap  A family oriented, non-commercial site requiring only basic information.  Submit

QuestFinder  The required information is limited because they retrieve the meta tags.  Submit

redOzone  Fill in the form, select a category or suggest a category.  Submit

Russia On The Net  Enter all of the required information in the forms and provide a password.  Submit

Search2Go  A family search engine requiring you to provide site information and a link back.  Submit

Search 4 More  Fill in the required information, select a category and click "Submit Link".  Submit

SearchAve  Choose Custom Submit or Express Submit and the spider will categorize your site.  Submit

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