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HumorSeek  Fill in your name, e-mail, site name, URL and select a category.  Submit

InfoProbe  Straight forward submission process including keywords and description.  Submit

Infosniff  Enter the top-level page of your site and they will crawl your site.  Submit

Josh's Sanctum  Click the check box for Josh's Sanctum, complete the form and add your link.  Submit

KillerInfo  Follow the link, "To add your Free Listing - Click Here".  Submit

Land of Links  Read the "How to Suggest a site" section then go to a specific category.  Submit

LinkMania  Add a site to the database by filling out the form, including keywords.  Submit

LogicalCity  Go to the bottom of the page to the link "Add Your Site to LogicalCity".  Submit

MidnightSearch  Submit here if you do not mind their use of a e-mail form to receive submissions.  Submit

MOSHIx2  Follow the "Add Site" link at the top of this page  Submit

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