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Frequently Ask Questions

And Answers

How much does it cost to get started?
Your cost is only $59.95 per year no setup or transaction fees.

How do I bill my customers?
Your Storefront provides a complete billing center that shows you when to bill your customers, how much to bill them, when their last payment was received, and tracks their payment history. You simply process your customers credit card with your merchant account services which makes the deposit to your business account (or do real time transactions your choice).

How does Beamed bill me?
Your charges from Beamed are per year with PayPal.

Who will host my storefront?
Your storefront can be hosted any place you want or where ever you have your web site hosted now. If you don't have a web site hosted anywhere, your storefront can be generate for you that we will host.

Do you host my home page and images?
No, you can have your home page and images hosted anywhere on the internet you want and link to them from your storefront.

What server platform does your services run on?
Our service runs on the Linux O.S. with the Apache Server. Since the program runs from our host, your web site can reside on any server or platform anywhere. Your Storefront Services is platform independent.

We have concerns about the data you will be storing, what is your system back up policy?
Our Server backs up your data ever night. You should also back up your data on a regular basis.

Do you have a example Store?
Yes, here's a Example Store. Please keep in mind this is a live working store. Example Store (Updating...)

We want to create Storefront sites for our customers, but we don't want Beamed's URL to appear in the address bar, what do we do?
We do our best to remain in the background. You can easily conceal the web storefont in a HTML frameset or Iframe.

Does Beamed provide Web Hosting Services?
Yes, if you purchase our Business Package with YourName.beamed.com Storefront and other services included, other wise we will host your complete Storefront Services no Web Site is required.

What's the difference between a Shopping Cart and a Storefront Services?
With the Shopping Cart part of our Services you can copy the shopping cart into your HTML Web Pages (you must have your own web site). You can design your own product web pages and paste your shopping cart buttons on these pages.

Storefront part of our Services also includes product templates and an easy to use interface for adding and editing your product information. Product pages are dynamically generated as your customers request them and are linked directly to the Shopping Carts. This eliminates the need to update your HTML code each time you add or edit an item (work with or without a web site).

Shoppers can utilize the advanced store search features to quickly locate products within your storefront. Simply add a search link from your web site to pull up an instant product search.

Does Beamed offer real-time payment processing?
Yes, at no extra cost we can integrate your Storefront with your Payment Processing Services to provide real-time credit card authentication, processing and direct deposit.

This option is available with the Storefront Sevices. This is an optional service and requires a merchant account with real-time payment processing options. Click Here for more information. Or you can use paypal.

Does Beamed offer Visa, Mastercard Merchant accounts?
Through our partnership we are able to offer you Internet merchant accounts. We can help get you started accepting all forms of non-cash payment, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Novus and ACH check payments. Click Here for details.

How do I integrate Beamed Storefront into my Web Sites?
Setup your Storefront Shopping Carts using our online setup Control Panel.

You can setup and customize your storefront to your satisfaction. Once you have configured your storefront and you're ready to go live, simply copy and paste links and or shopping cart buttons and more on your web pages this will integrate your web site to your new storefront.

Your storefront services run from our site so you can create an entire web site hosted anywhere, copy & paste links, shopping cart buttons, drop down category options, search box features and more to your web pages.

What if I cancel after a few days? Will I be charged for a full year?
Yes, unless we are runing a special sale or offering 30 days free which we sometime do.

Can I customize my storefront to follow the theme of my web site?
Our storefront services allow you to add a background image, create custom email order notifications, and add your logo and company information to your storefront pages. Order Beamed Deluxe Storefront

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