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PICS (Platform for Internet Content Selection), is a scheme allowing the rating of HTML and other documents for content, such as age-sensitive material.

For URL:

You may specify an entire site, a directory tree, or a single file. The rating tag must be applied to the correct URL or site, otherwise the pages will be inaccessible to all ratings users.

(email or contact URL)
The person responsible for the rating, who may be contacted if the ratings are challenged.


Category values are presented most-desireable-first. Browsers will typically pass documents with one of the first N possible values, where the number N is set by a parent or password holder.

Category: Multiculturalism

Representation of multi-cultural activity or activities from another culture
  • Interactive: Active involvement of user in multicultural activity using interactive techniques.
  • Promotion: Active promotion of multiculturalism.
  • Positive: Multicultural events presented in context; artistic work presented in the original culture.
  • Neutral: No cultural context; reference works, dictionaries, catalogs.
  • Negative: Multicultural events presented from a monoculture viewpoint; translation of artistic work from one culture into another for other than artistic reasons
  • Demotion: Actively discourages multiculturalism; one culture or religion is defined as the only true culture
Select Limit:

Category: Educational Content

  • Interactive: Active involvement of user in educational activity using interactive techniques.
  • Educational: Educational material, created specifically to educate.
  • Informative: Informational material, dictionaries, catalogs, factual accounts, works of literature, works of art, etc.
  • None: Devoid of educational or artistic content.
  • Misinformation: Presents information known to be false as fact; e.g. Holocaust denial.
Select Limit:

Category: Environmental Awareness

  • Interactive: Active involvement of user in environmentally positive activity using interactive techniques.
  • Promotion: Encouragement of environmental awareness.
  • Positive: Portrayal of environmentally sensitive behaviour; recycling, conservation, proper disposal etc.
  • Neutral: No environmental content
  • Negative: Portrayal of environmentally insensitive behaviour by minor characters; pollution of resources, improper disposal.
  • Demotion: Promotion of environmentally damaging behaviour by role-model figures; destruction of resources, habitat, animal species.
Select Limit:

Category: Tolerance

  • Promotion: Promotion of tolerant behaviour.
  • Positive: Portrayal of tolerant behaviour.
  • Neutral: No Intolerant content; reference works, etc.
  • Negative: Portrayal of intolerant behaviour by minor characters
  • Intolerance: Portrayal of intolerant behaviour by role-model figures.
  • Active Intolerance: Promoting hatred based on differences in religion, culture, race, sexual orientation etc.
  • Unlimited Intolerance: Active promotion of intolerant behaviour; calling for ethnic cleansing, Jihad, genocide etc.
Select Limit:

Category: Violence

  • None: No violent content.
  • Reference: Reference works portraying violence, news with violent content.
  • Minor: In-context violence by minor characters, self-defence by role models.
  • Major: In-context violence by role model characters.
  • Extreme: Frequent violence by role models, promotion of violent behaviour, treatment of human beings as disposable objects, rape.
  • Unlimited: Killing, torture, rape in creation of entertainment product. Snuff movies. Active involvement of the user in violent activity using teleoperator techniques, remote controlled torture of animals or humans.
Select Limit:

Category: Sex

  • None: No sexual content.
  • Minor: Implicit in-context sexual conduct by consenting adults; no nudity.
  • Reference: Reference works portraying sex, reproduction; educational material.
  • Nudity: In-context sexual conduct by consenting adults; nudity, no penetration. Out-of-context sexual conduct, partial nudity; sex used as a promotional tool.
  • Normal: In-context sexual conduct by consenting adults; vaginal penetration of female by male only.
  • Other: Sexual conduct by consenting adults; penetration, anal, toys. Interactive viewing of sexual activity using videoconference techniques.
  • Interactive: Active involvement of the user in sexual activity using teleoperator techniques, tactile virtual reality.
  • Unlimited: Non-consensual sex, rape, sex with minors, animals; mutilation, torture.
Select Limit:

Category: Profanity

  • None: No profanity.
  • Reference: Reference works, dictionaries.
  • Minor: Occasional profanity by minor characters; mild in-context profanity by role model characters.
  • Major: Frequent profanity by role model characters.
  • Unlimited: Constant profanity by all characters.
Select Limit:

Category: Safety

Treatment of personal and general safety issues
  • Active: Active promotion of safe work and personal behaviour.
  • Positive: Portrayal of safe behaviour by role-models. Technical manuals and books describing safe practice.
  • Neutral: No safety-related content.
  • Negative: Promotion of unsafe behaviour. Drug use, reckless driving by role models. Suggestions that safe behaviour is effeminate or unmanly.
  • Misleading: Presentation of misleading information, that if acted on could result in injury or death. Representation of known harmful activities such as smoking as beneficial.
Select Limit:

Category: American Content

  • All: All-American content
  • Some: Some American content or production
  • None: No American content
Select Limit:

Category: Commercial Content

  • None: No commercial content; no advertising material.
  • Minor: Minor commercial content, corporate sponsorship, low-key advertising.
  • Major: Major commercial content, high-impact advertising, infomercials
  • Interactive: Online purchasing of products or services.
Select Limit:

Category: Gambling

  • None: No gambling or games of chance.
  • Fun: Games of chance for fun only; no monetary value of stakes or prizes.
  • No-stake: Limited games of chance, no monetary value of stakes.
  • Unlimited: Games of chance where stakes must be purchased or have amonetary value.
Select Limit:

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