Send a mail to one or more registered users.  
  Mail to: If you have any problems or questions you can mail Admin. You can also email other members. This is "local mail only" it is not a general, public mail service.

Subject: A brief description of what you are writing about.

Action: Check here for sent-mail confirmation.

Writing window: Click here and begin composing your letter.

Send & Quit: If you have finished the letter and DO NOT want to write another. You are returned to the 'Manager' window.

Send & Continue: You have finished this letter and DO want to write another.

Sending: Once you hit either of the 'Send' buttons your text disappears. If there is something in the letter you wish to use elsewhere or you just want to keep a record of what you sent then highlight and copy the text (ctrl+A then ctrl+C). Open 'Manager' in a new window. Open or create a new file and paste (ctrl+V) in the text.
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